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Anatomy 201 is more than a gym. Our unique training style and customized nutrition program work together to help you achieve the visible results you want.

We combine strength training and interval training to increase your metabolism, build lean muscle, and burn fat. We focus on teaching and using proper form at all times, whether you’re working with a personal trainer or pushing yourself to the next level in one of our group training classes.


Anatomy 201 is a results oriented boutique fitness studio. We focus on 3 key success pillars; mindset, exercise, and nutrition. We understand that true long-term success involves having a healthy relationship with food and a strong mindset. Overcoming emotional hurdles and building discipline are imperative factors to making permanent change. Our coaching will focus on making drastic improvements in these areas.

A Greater You Is One Step Away


Our group training classes offer a solution to anyone, at any level. Whether you’re a beginner who has never stepped into a gym or someone who’s been going for years looking to take it to the next level…we have a solution for you.


○ 50 Minute Workouts For All Levels

○ A Supportive & Empowering Community

 ○ Education & Guidance


Your personal training program will be designed based on your exact goals, injuries, and fitness level. From beginner to advanced, we can provide one-on-one personal training that will help you see visible results faster than you ever thought possible.

○ 45-60 Minute Training Sessions

○ Nutrition Coaching

 ○ One on One Mentorship



Client Testimonials


“I absolutely love Anatomy201. Marc, the owner, placed me on a program for nutrition after I hit bottom early last year. He instructed me to start with physicality.  I am down 12 pounds and feeling better than ever in my adult life!! Marc has my brain re-thinking how to eat and live! I am so so happy here at Anatomy201. It’s family, it’s rigor it’s love and support. It’s not a gym – it’s a way of life. It’s a camaraderie – be prepared to make new friends and family in your life… FOR LIFE!”

- Sarah

Tom started with us back in May of 2018. His first 7 months were fairly uneventful in the fat loss department due to under-eating & not getting in enough protein. This picture illustrates what happens when someone dials in their macros (carbs, protein, & fat). Tom joined our Game Changer Program 60 days ago and has results like this to show for it. He still wants to lose more but he sure has some incredible momentum

- Tom

“In losing the weight, I also gained so much more confidence in the gym. I love how defined my muscles have become and that I’m not afraid to run anymore like I was 2 years ago. I Love Annie’s classes, she is a great motivator and role model; she really pushes her students to do the unthinkable, which keeps us coming back for more”

- Lisa

I can tell you that speaking with the owner Marc, I have found what I am looking for, he connected me with my current trainer, Chris and since June 2018 to present day I have lost 47 lbs and looking for more to reach my goal. Along with losing this amount of weight I am currently stronger that I have been in 20 years and being 56 years old , I’d say that makes a difference to me. If there is any doubt in your mind on starting a workout routine and lifestyle change I would highly recommend sitting down and having a discussion with Marc and planning your goals for the rest of your life. Take my word for it, you wont be disappointed.

- John


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