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There’s never just 1 way to do anything but when it comes to sustained, realistic, healthy ways to lose weight I believe putting science to work.

Your body needs a certain amount of calories and specifically protein to perform daily functions. 60-100g of protein/day will sustain life and take care of the priority functions.

See it’s not our bodies priority to look good naked. Its priority is to preserve life. Protein assists with hormone regulation, cell repair and maintenance, and immune health. If you eat a small amount of protein each day (say 60 grams) that will be just enough to support these priorities.

What takes a back seat?

Your Metabolism.

Your body doesn’t care about a muffin top and the fact that you want to lose 20 lbs. All of those 60 grams of protein are going to go towards the priority functions and there will be zero left for the fat loss process.

The surplus of protein you take in will go towards building lean muscle, which is what will go to work to increase your metabolism.

My clients that hit their caloric and macro requirements (carbs, protein) ALWAYS get crazy fat loss results regardless of age, current weight, or gender. It’s just pure science at work.

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