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Some people might think the most important component of a nutrition plan is if it actual works.

I think whether it works or not is SUPER important.

But if you can’t sustain it, does it matter if it works?

There are so many diets out there. So many different ways to do it.

And a lot of them “work”. You can do them and you will lose weight. Mission accomplished right? But, can you stick with that same plan for a month? 6 months? 6 years? And then we know what happens after you cannot sustain it.

Sustainability for a Successful Nutrition Plan

My firm belief is that the #1 component of a nutrition plan that works must be sustainability. You must be able to eat like this for life.

That’s why I encourage our clients to never cut out entire food groups. Of course, if someone wants to cut out a certain food group for a reason that is important to them by all means go for it. But, don’t stop eating pizza forever if you love it. With an Italian mother that kept me well-fed, I definitely grew up on staples like pizza and pasta. And I still eat them today. But they can’t be your go-to’s.

Not if you want to change your physique.

BUT, you can certainly have them. Even weekly. My thing is this: if the process of dieting is miserable, getting the dream bod isn’t going to be very satisfying once you get there.

But if you can implement moderation into your life you can literally have your cake and eat it too. Because there’s not a single thing on earth I won’t eat if I absolutely love it.

But how often you eat it is going to be one of the major factors influencing whether or not you hit your body goals.

If you have a bagel with cream cheese every morning there’s a good chance you’re not getting “there.”

If you eat a big bowl of ice cream every single night there’s a good chance you’re not getting there.

If you booze it up 3 or more times per week, there’s a really good chance you’re not getting there.

But could you have a healthy protein shake every morning and save the bagel as a treat for Saturday or Sunday morning with the kids? YOU COULD.

Could you set a goal to not drink alcohol Sun-Th and then ultimately Sun-F? YOU COULD.

Could you eat clean all day and then eat 1 small little dove ice cream bar every night as a treat. YOU COULD.

Moderation is Key

All or nothing approaches will work. But for how long? My suggestion for you is to learn how to introduce moderation into your life instead of removing things you love. It’s just a better long term strategy and I’m a big believer in practicality.

It’s not practical to be doing something multiple times per week for years and then just cut it out forever. And the good news is there’s no reason to.