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I believe educating yourself on proper nutrition and exercise is one of the best time investments you can make.

Below is an email between myself and one of my clients.

1) On a heavy carb day.  Do you suggest that I increase my protein (which increases my calories) or just leave the day as is and stay close to my recommended caloric range?

A: It’s okay to have one heavy carb day per week but if you find that your calories are right, carbs are high, protein a little low, and fat good, I’d take in 100-150 more calories worth of protein that day – which is about 25 g of protein. The benefits of receiving that extra 25 g of protein outweighs going “over” on calories by a measly 100 calories.

2) Is it okay to be really low with carbs (under 50), but really high with protein (over 160) and still be within my caloric range?  Are there any cons to a very low carb day?

A: Yes, it’s okay. If anything was high, I’d prefer it be protein. There’s not much in the way of cons. Some people experience lower energy levels but that’s more common when they are accustomed to eating more carbs and then drop down.

3) How high is too much fat, when carb counts are low and protein is high?

A: This of course depends on how many calories one is prescribed but for you and your goal you’ll want to keep it under 60 grams/day.

4) Tell me more about digestive enzymes.  Do you recommend one and if so, what kind?

A: I think it’s a great option especially before eating meat. I recommend Digest Plus from Genestra Brands, you can get it here.

5) What are your thoughts on working out on an empty stomach?  Does it matter if I work out on empty stomach with either strength training or cardio?  Is one better than the other?

A: I think it’s personal preference. For me, I’d rather workout on an empty stomach. I can workout intensely for 45-60 minutes on an empty stomach without consequence. For some people, they’d feel faint and light-headed if they didn’t eat beforehand. There’s some research that suggests doing “fasted” cardio helps facilitate fat loss better than non-fasted but for general fat loss like you’re looking for, it’s certainly just a preference thing.

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