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Were you at one point consistently seeing visible results and seeing measurable fat loss progress and then the progress stopped?

If that happened, I have the answer.

The reason is you stopped doing what was working.

Chatting with my client Kim last night spurred this email.

Kim has been training with us for over 6 months. She’s lost SEVERAL inches off her waist (4.5 to be exact) and has made a ton of lifestyle changes. WIN!

But Kim has gotten a little frustrated lately because she still wants to lose at least another 3 inches off her waist and about 15 more pounds but her progress has really slowed down. This could be her body just running its natural course – as we get closer to our goal weight, progress will naturally slow down. But I thought it was strange she was losing, losing, losing and then everything stopped.

She told me she hadn’t really changed anything about her diet or exercise so I asked to see her food log.

Well, this will always be the tell-all. The first thing I noticed was that the last 3 weeks she only journal-ed 50% of the time (compared to 6-7 days a week prior). And the days she did journal she was eating clean but wasn’t hitting her macros like she was before. The diet did indeed change. Maybe not WHAT she was eating but HOW she was eating.


Sometimes when you’ve been at it for a while and have seen results, it’s easy to lose sight of what got you there.

What once worked, will continue to work but you have to work it. I told Kim we just need to get back to the basics. What worked before was consistent journaling and hitting her daily macro targets.

If you find that your progress has slowed or halted like Kim’s, think back to what you were doing before that was really working. There’s a good chance you put that down and didn’t realize it. When I went back and showed Kim her previous journal entries from months 1-5, she realized exactly what I was talking about.

Get back to the basics and let’s keep the results train moving. It’s hard, but it’ll be worth it.