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Anatomy 201 is more than just a gym. We offer an extensive range of fitness classes in a state-of-the-art facility that was designed from the ground up to deliver an effective, non-intimidating experience.

We offer personal training as well as group exercise classes for people in Allendale, so you can achieve your fitness goals on your schedule.

Personal Training


Our certified personal trainers can develop a program to perfectly fit your current situation and needs. This program will be based on your goals, your current fitness level, and any injuries or other physical concerns.

Getting a personal trainer in Allendale is a great choice for beginners, or for people who simply don’t enjoy working out in large groups. This might also be the perfect choice if you’re into more advanced training and want to go at your own pace.

We also include nutritional consultations with this option, because it is critical to your overall success.

Nutrition Coaching


Your daily nutrition is critical to achieving lasting results. Our philosophy is all about making healthy choices every day. It’s important to eat properly, which means getting healthy food in the right quantity.

Our system focuses on three critical nutrients – carbs, protein, and fat – and we can help you enjoy finding and eating some great foods.

woman holding kettlebell at group fitness class

Group Training


If you prefer an energetic setting, filled with great music and enthusiastic people, one of our group exercise classes may be just what you need.

These classes are led by certified trainers – not drill sergeants or aerobics instructors. Our staff is fully educated on program design, anatomy, and physiology, and they will make sure everyone learns the proper form to get the most benefit in the safest way possible.

woman holding kettlebell at group fitness class

Way More Than Just a Gym

Our fitness facility was designed from the ground up to be more than a gym. Our extensive Class Schedule makes it easy for you to find a time and a class that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

Come in and experience it for yourself. You can have a personal trainer in Allendale who can combine strength and interval training with a personalized nutrition program to help you get the visible results you want.

Contact us today to get started.