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Anatomy 201 is more than a gym. Our personal and group training facility was designed from the ground up to provide a unique experience and deliver the results you really want. Whether you’re looking for a private trainer near Midland Park or a nutrition coach who can help you make the best eating decisions, our staff and top-class facility can help you reach your desired results.

A Methodology Built Around Your Needs

At Anatomy 201, our professional and certified staff members will help you reach your personal goals. Whether you’re looking to tone your arms and flatten your stomach or find new and better ways to get the nutrition you need, we can help you through three basic strategies:


Personal Training – This is a one-on-one program for those who don’t enjoy working out in groups or who want to push themselves a little harder at their own pace. Our certified personal trainers for Midland Park can work closely with you to develop a program that is customized to your current needs, fitness level, and goals.


Group Training – We’ve worked hard to create a non-intimidating environment where you can join a class, workout to some energetic music, and learn the most effective techniques. These sessions are led by certified personal trainers, not aerobics instructors or overbearing drill sergeants, who are pros at program design, anatomy, and physiology.


Nutrition – No program is complete without considering the nutritional aspects. Your health coach will focus on three critical nutrients – carbs, protein, and fat. We’ll consult with you and help you make healthy choices so you can eat the right foods in the right quantities.

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Not Your Ordinary Gym


Anatomy 201 is not an average or ordinary gym. In fact, we don’t think of it as a gym at all. We are a personal training and fitness studio where you can work with certified professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and a class schedule that makes it easy to get in and get a great workout whenever you want.


Our unique training style incorporates interval and strength training with a customized nutrition program so you can get the visible results you want.

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