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Nutrition Coaching Program

Nutrition is 90% of your results. You cannot out work a poor nutrition plan. Our philosophy includes making healthy choices, but we also believe that focusing just on eating healthy isn’t enough. You must eat PROPERLY. You can eat chicken, fruits, and veggies all day long, but you may not see great results. Seeing a physical change in your body is about eating healthy foods but it’s also about eating them in the right quantities.

We’ve developed a system that focuses on the 3 critical nutrients – Carbs, Protein, and Fat. Your nutrition coach will teach you how to eat without starving themselves or eating anything strange. Just real food in the right quantities. It’s simple yet effective, and most of our clients see visible results within their first 30 days.

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Our nutrition counseling programs include:


In home kitchen cabinet clean out


Guided grocery store shopping tour


Weekly in-person accountability and meetings with your certified nutrition coach


Daily nutrition journal review and correction


Meal plans and grocery shopping lists


Weight and measurements tracked


Nutritional education for eating out, eating on the go, and while traveling

nutrition coach counseling his family

Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions

Will you tailor a nutrition plan for my dietary needs and likes?

Yes. Your health coach will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that you can follow and will get you results.

Am I going to be hungry all the time or placed on a crash diet?

No, Most clients tell us that they feel more full and energetic than ever before. Our nutrition plans will help you to burn fat, build muscle and get your metabolism working for you. The plan we develop is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix diet. The way you will eat in week 1 will be the same way you will eat 1 year later.

Do you offer meal plan solutions for vegetarians and vegans?

Absolutely! Many of our clients are vegetarian or vegan. We will develop a meal plan that delivers enough protein to get you visible results.

I'm a diabetic. Can you develop a meal plan for me?

Yes. We can develop a plan for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. We have a deep understanding of insulin resistance, how carbohydrates affect blood sugar, and how to eat to keep blood sugar levels stable. Co-owner, Marc is a Type 1 diabetic himself with a 6.4 A1C (extremely well controlled blood sugar) and has helped many of his diabetic clients lower their blood sugar and start seeing incredible fat loss results.

Type 1 diabetes is an incurable autoimmune disease that is typically acquired as a child. It is not caused by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, many T1Ds are in fantastic shape and are very healthy. However, this is still a disease and is best managed through proper eating, exercise, and proper insulin regulation.

Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is almost exclusively a lifestyle disease. Many of our clients with Type 2 diabetes, under their doctors’ supervision, have made enough progress in our program to come off of their diabetic medications.

Area of Service:

Anatomy 201 is proud to serve the cities in and around the North Jersey area. This studio currently offers nutrition counselling services in the following New Jersey locations:

  • -Franklin Lakes
  • -Wyckoff
  • -Midland Park
  • -Ridgewood
  • -North Haledon
  • -Allendale
  • -Mahwah
  • -Saddle River
  • -Upper Saddle River

  • -Paramus
  • -Waldwick
  • -Hawthorne
  • -Wayne
  • -Oakland
  • -Ramsey
  • -Pompton Lakes
  • -Ho-ho-kus
  • -Glen Rock
nutrion coaching in serving Bergen County, NJ