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Oakland, New Jersey earned its title of “The Valley of Homes” because ever since the 50s it has been a popular spot for people who want to live in a quiet area but just a quick commute to work or fun. It’s also just a quick drive to world-class personal trainers and exercise classes from Oakland, and you can experience it for yourself at Anatomy 201.

The Anatomy 201 Method

At the Anatomy 201 Studio, our fitness services are divided into three basic categories:


Group Training – In these classes, your fitness coach will provide motivation and inspiration while you work toward your personal goals. Each class is set to energetic music, and we strive to maintain a non-intimidating atmosphere. 

These classes are headed by a certified personal trainer who is educated in program design, anatomy and physiology, and how to teach the proper form for each exercise. They will help you get the results you want.


Personal Training – Some people don’t want to work out in a group. Maybe they prefer having a dedicated health coach so they can go at their own pace, or maybe they are just getting started and really want more personal interactions. Either way, this is a great opportunity to work with a personal trainer near Oakland.


Nutrition – No program is complete without including this element in your plan. Our system focuses on three critical nutrients – carbs, protein, and fat – and how you can make healthy choices and still eat real food in the right quantities.

By incorporating a nutrition plan with your fitness training program, you’ll be able to see visible results and start feeling more energized. 

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Way More Than a Gym


Anatomy 201 is located in a new, state-of-the-art facility filled with top-of-the-line equipment. However, we’re not about selling gym memberships that never get used. Our unique training style combines strength and interval training with customized nutrition programs and classes taught by certified professionals.


It’s hard for many people to fit an hour workout into their busy schedule, but our Class Schedule includes plenty of opportunities to get in and get a great workout in about 50 minutes.


These classes are designed to increase your metabolism and burn fat as efficiently as possible. They were developed by our owners, and the principles are based on their experiences providing dedicated one-on-one training.

A Friendly, Non-Intimidating Approach

Anatomy 201 is a private facility. When you arrive, you’re here to participate in a group training session or work with a personal trainer. It’s simple, and straightforward, and designed to be a welcoming and non-intimidating environment.

Discover for yourself how dedicated, personal trainers, quality equipment, and a unique fitness and nutritional approach can help you achieve the visible results you want.