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How it all started…

Before Marc and Russ joined forces and became best friends they were independent trainers at a personal training facility in Passaic County, NJ.

With only so many hours in a day they found themselves with a packed schedule and no room to fit more clients into their program. While speaking one day in Russ’ living room they came up with the idea of opening their own personal training facility. But they wanted their place to be different.

Russ Teitsma, Co-owner of Anatomy 201 in NJ

Russ Teitsma, NASM-CPT

They wanted to create a facility where people could come get personal and group training in a non-intimidating environment. They also realized that most people do not want to go to the gym for an hour or more. They want to get in and get out. So the two set out to create a program where people could come in without fear and get their workout done in as little as 30 minutes.

After selling their 2 fitness studios in Essex County, Marc and Russ have decided to branch out into Bergen County. Enter Anatomy 201! A brand new boutique fitness studio that is a cut above all the rest.

Marc Ronches, Co-owner of Anatomy 201 in NJ

Marc Ronches, CSCS
B.S. Exercise Science

Both no longer train clients themselves but have assembled a team of world class trainers and nutritionists that work hard to get their clients very visible results. They’ve always said it’s going to be hard to feel good on the inside if you feel bad about yourself on the outside. At Anatomy201 they work on improving both.